Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fall mantel 1

This year I've got so many fall mantel ideas that I'm going to be redoing it as much as possible until Christmas. Since fall is my favorite time of year and the decorations are "outdoorsy" and more simple I have a lot more visions. Pine cones, branches and leaves are right outside my front door so when I see something as I'm walking the dogs I start making piles to bring in. (True story; I've currently got a pile of mini pine cones waiting to be brought in.)

I had a gift card to Hobby Lobby that got me the leaves and colorful branches. The little candle holder I got for $1 at Goodwill and I had everything else.

Total cost: $1

Full mantel

Candle holder and fresh pine cones

Real and fake

Center piece on coffee table. Ryan and I will be starting to sell the wood circles on Etsy sometime this week. (Let me know if you would like some!)

Every time I light this candle we want dessert. I had to stop lighting it every night

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