Friday, August 9, 2013

The mountain top city in Florida

Mt. Dora is a small little quaint town that's on the water and great for an afternoon out. I love to visit new places and explore what else is around me. This city was very different, Ryan and I both agreed that it was like we had stepped back in time, most of the buildings were built in the 1800's. The downtown are is full of art and specialty shops along with quite a few coffee bars and tons of restaurants. We looked at every one's menus before choosing The Lost Parrot. Most of the restaurants seemed like they were for lunch with the dinner choices being a little upscale and on the water, which would be perfect for a sunset meal.

I did a lot of research on what there was do do in Mt. Dora. What caught my eye was the steam train ride. After reading that it was not air conditioned we decided to wait to try it out when it gets cooler outside. It sounds like fun to enjoy the countryside of Florida.

This town is known for its arts and crafts fair in late October. Their website says over 300,000 people come and visit each year just for this event. One of my favorite fall activities is going to craft fairs so I will defiantly be checking that out. It was a perfect afternoon out, only a 25 minute trip each way.

Old movie theater off the main road

This was hand carved on the bottom of a storefront 

Little shops all connected through a beautiful alley 

Huge houses along the water

Loved the old window covers on the restaurant 

Lake Dora lighthouse 

Old buildings in downtown are now full of restaurants and shops

Loved this sign outside of a bar

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