Monday, September 9, 2013


Around this time of the year I tend to chop off my hair, which is weird because most people go shorter in the summer and not the fall. I had been wanting shorter hair for a while and wanted to change it up from the inverted bob I've had for the past couple of years so I went to Pinterest for inspiration. Candace Cameron (from Full House) kept appearing under short/medium hair. After googling her bob I fell in love! Choppy layers, long bangs and the hair hits right at her collar bone.

I showed the hairstylist and she went with it. After seeing a lot of hair on the ground and my hair looking and feeling much healthier I knew I loved it! Now I just need some styling products.


  1. Loving it. We can be semi-twinsies. But yours looks better. :)

  2. cute! Mine looked similar to cameron's when I first got it cut....but now it's growing! (Ever so slowly!)