Friday, September 6, 2013

Oh PSL I love you

It's pumpkin season at Starbucks! Also known as, my favorite time of the year to get their coffee. The famous PSL or pumpkin spice latte is their famous fall drink which can be quite pricey. After tax a small PSL comes out to be $3.98, almost $4 for a small drink!!!! Each season I only a couple of those because of its hefty price. This year I decided to get it iced, since it was August and about 90 degrees outside. It was good but it tasted like my usual fall drink.... iced coffee with cream and pumpkin syrup.

The iced coffee is much cheaper and they taste the same except one has a little more creamer taste. The medium iced coffee came out to be $2.78 wayyy cheaper than a small PSL. I can live with that price and I even get a discount at the Starbucks on Universal property so my medium came out to be $2.12. I was thrilled. Now I know to wait until I get to work to get my coffee.

Since pumpkin drinks have started early this year I've already had 4 in 11 days. I'm pretty sure that's a record. Before the PSL's go away I probably will have another one but I'm going to save it for a cold day so I can get it hot.

Iced pumpkin spice latte, tastes just like iced coffee but creamer

Iced coffee with cream and pumpkin and my name spelled wrong

The 10th anniversary of the PSL

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