Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween inspired mantel & house deocr

First you may be wondering about the fine quality of these pictures, well I finally bought some new batteries and used a real camera instead of my phone. I'm kind of embarrassed for all the other pictures I've posted now. This week I got some mini pumpkins and decorated a couple rooms in the house. First being the mantel, I had everything else so now it looks like October!

I also put some pumpkins near the TV in the living room, kitchen and one in our room. Including the big pumpkins we now have 10 total throughout the house. I plan on going to a pumpkin patch soon so get ready for more pumpkin posts. I just love fall :)

Halloween mantel 1. In a couple of weeks I'm going to add some spider webs

Just added some pumpkins and spooky things to the existing fall decor

This just shows how messy the hay is. Every time it gets touched it makes a mess

Mini pumpkins next to a big TV

The kitchen is also festive

Can you spot the pumpkin in our room?

I saved this subway art from last year, it's my absolute favorite 

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