Monday, November 25, 2013

Tree 1

This is the first of 2 maybeee 3 Christmas trees we will have this year. I only put it up in our bedroom because the living room still has Thanksgiving stuff and I don't want to forget about that holiday. I got a bag of sparkly branches and ornaments from Goodwill for $2 forever ago and finally got to put them on this little tree. It's filled up with just the right amount of things because of its small size.

We inherited a bigger fake tree from my Great Grandma that she only used once last year but I'll wait on that until the day after Thanksgiving. So, if you remember from last year we got a real tree from Lowe's 9 days before Christmas that was marked way down and decided that doing that will be our new tradition. If we really do get a real tree that will make it number 3. Oh Christmas time.

Love the R at the top

Sparkly branches, snowflakes and pine cones

Smaller than the lamp. lol

Only 4ft but oh so cute


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  2. Thank you!! Can you send me the link, I didn't even know it was on there, I would like to see it!! Thanks :)