Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring at the Ruddy's

Before sharing the rooms at the new place I thought I'd give you a peek into some spring decor that's around the house. Not gonna lie, 3 out of the 4 things are from my mom :) She gave us some Easter themed housewarming gifts.

I'm very happy at the way the decorating is coming along. This apartment is the most "grown up" decorated I've ever done. Even though I've been on Pinterest for a couple of years now all of my pinning has come to play recently with bigger things other than little projects. There are just a few details to be worked on before I start sharing but it will be soon!

The calender is from Goodwill $.39. Still in Target wrapping for $6.99.

Bunny garland by the front door

This is about as Easter looking as it's gonna get. My mom gave us this banner, it looks so cute in the kitchen.

Flowers from my Grandmas funeral are in a picture frame. Their the perfect spring addition, too pretty to be hidden.

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