Friday, April 4, 2014

Three: stressors in life

With tomorrow being my last day at Blue Man Group I think things are about to settle down...besides training at a new location and then being swamped with the opening of a whole new area in the park. Well now that I say it out loud, I guess other things are settling down. Some of the biggest stressors in life include; death of a loved one, moving and something along the lines of change at work. Well.... all of those have happened to me at the same time over the past month. 

I just wanted to get a little personal for a moment. You might think something in your life is changing for the worse, you're stressed about something, or you're going through one of the biggest stressors in life too. If I can handle all 3 at once I want to let you know that you'll be just fine if you're only going through 1 big change. Breathe, talk and make a plan and everything will be alright :)

My life has has forever changed. I lost my Grandma who was battling with stage 4 ovarian cancer for 3 years. I changed career paths which will greatly change my future with Universal. Lastly, I moved. I'm used to that one, we move often but it was still stressful.

Just remember, everything in life happens for a reason, it really really does. Over the years that has been my philosophy. You're not the only one with a "not so perfect life."

We miss you Grandma and Grandma Hager

Still no official opening date

Moving stinks, I'm dreading our move in 9 months, unless we renew our lease

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