Friday, June 27, 2014

Doggie park

This morning Barney and I ventured over to Fleet Peeples dog park in Winter Park before it got too hot in the afternoon. I've been wanting to take him for a while because it has a lake the dogs can play in. He likes the beach water so I thought he'd like this.... nope. He hated the water and all the dogs running around him.

He usually likes dog parks but this one freaked him out and he didn't leave my side the entire time. We found a trail and walked that, he was much happier to be in the grass. Coming from PA he likes the outdoors and being off a leash in the woods. We used to take him on trails by the waterfalls almost weekly so he has been laking the hikes over the past couple years.

Dog beach

No water for this pup

Much better on the trails

Pooped from the heat

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