Monday, June 23, 2014

Key West 2: Duval Crawl

Ryan's sister and I participated in the Duval Crawl.... drink at as many bars as you can on Duval Street in one day. This is the famous street in Key West where all of the bars, restaurants and shops are located. We were only a few blocks away which was perfect for our last day in Key West. First, we started with free rum and wine tastings!

We went to 5 places to get drinks, it was fun walking around the streets with beers in hand. They don't enforce the open container law, it's great! Here are just some of the pictures from our adventure.

*Tip, we had a bunch of buy 1 get one coupons but didn't use any of them because it was happy hour at all of the bars which in the end was a much better deal since we wanted to go to as many places as we could in just a few hours.

Big Willie. We left our mark on a dollar bill

Of course we had to go to Fat Tuesday's

A must in Key West, sloppy rita 

Beer pong video game. Look who is number 3 for the month of June!!! (yes it says SHS but I hit enter before the R came up.) Also, Ryan is number 5 and his brother is 8! 

Coconut drink

Throwing pennies into the fishes mouth

Wine tasting

Rum tasting 

Key West tradition 


  1. Looks like you had a blast! I went there befoer I was 21 so I really need to go back! It was cool though because Icould still walk around the streets with drinks lol

  2. We had a blast I was only there for 2.5 days and did pretty much everything there is to do. It's a great weekend getaway :)