Sunday, June 22, 2014

Key West: part 1

As you all know last week Ryan and I went down to Key West with his family for 4 days. Even though we were there for a short amount of time we did a ton of stuff so I'll break down the pictures in different posts. 

Wednesday included a full day of water activities like; snorkeling, kayaking, water skiing, slides and parasailing. We got some professional pictures of the whole journey up in the sky and do I look scared! It was actually a lot of fun and the highlight of the trip for me since it was my first time.

Oh god

Still scared

Really freaking scared

Not so bad anymore

Up in the sky

Going down and getting ready to be dunked

Flying high

View from the boat

So tiny 

Favorite picture

Driver checking in on us

And we've been dunked 

Dunked big time

These couple pictures I took while in the sky:

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