Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Diagon Alley

The new Wizzarding world of Harry Potter at Diagon Alley opened yesterday! I took a ton of pictures of the facades that are inside. In this new area there are mainly shops and places to eat. It's cool because you see the London water front from the front then you have to walk through a wall where the Alley is. (If you're in London you don't know about the wizzarding world or Harry Potter.) There is also one new ride, Gringotts and then the train Hogwarts Express, where I work. It takes guest park to park which is awesome in the summer Florida heat!

No pictures of the insides of the shops or train stations yet, but these came out pretty good even though the area was full of people.

Quality Quidditch Supplies. School pride store

Diagon Alley

Hopping Pot. Walk up drinks

Carkitt Market. Outdoor market with entertainment, shops and food


Gringotts Money Exchange. Change your real money for Gringotts money

Scribbulus. Writing supplies 

Wiseacres. Magical supplies

The famous dragon

New ride

Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream

The dragon breathes fire!

Magical Menagerie. Stuffed animals 

A witch casting a spell with an interactive wand

Diagon Alley

Olivanders wands

Madam Malkin's robes for all occasions 

The wall you walk through to get to Diagon 

Another view of the dragon

Fountain of Fair Fortune. Drinks

Leaky Cauldron. Sit down restaurant 

Borgin and Burke. Dark magic store

Knight bus in London





After I took all of my own pictures I found professional pictures  of the outsides and insides of everything in this new area, so check out that website too!

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