Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Eye shadow review

All the rage in the beauty industry right now is the Naked 2 palette by Urban decay. A wonderful combination of 20 nude and bold colors all in one box. All the reviews I've seen talked about how smooth it goes on, how long it lasts and how it doesn't leave a crease in the eye after a long day. After seeing so many great reviews I became interested so I went to Ulta tried the samples and loved it! Buttt it was $54 so nope, no way for me.

One of my favorite beauty blogs, Beauty Broadcast did a review on the palette in June as soon as it came out. Once I saw the price tag I knew this was more affordable, especially for all the shades you get. There are so many combinations you can do, it's really versatile. I mainly wear nude colors on my lids for just a little color and sometimes shimmer and this is the perfect palette if you want to try a bunch of different shades.

Revealed 2 Palette $20 vs. Naked 2 Palette $54.

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