Sunday, August 24, 2014

Singed a new lease!!!!!!

Yesterday we paid the application fees and got put on a wait list for our next apartment, we move in in December so we are #1 on the list!! lol. Any who, we figured that since we're moving around the holidays we just wanted to get it over with and not have to stress about where we'll be going next.

We've been looking for months now because we haven't been happy with the current complex. It's in a great location but that's about all it's got going for itself. Our AC is always broken and our electric bill has never been so high since we lived in our current complex. There's a hugeeee roach problem (my family knows all about this one.) Our neighbors aren't the best but we deal with that. One of the hardest things is doing laundry, there isn't a washer and dryer in the unit!! I'm ready for our new apartment already.

We will be living in the same city, 4.8 miles away from where we are now. The downside, we're going from 865 sq feet to 602 sq feet. That's going to be a huge change since our last couple of places had an extra room. So it will be like we live in NYC. hahaha especially since we'll be paying more as well.

Weighing out all of our options and must haves for the new apartment has been interesting. The one thing that was stressful was the location. Do we move back over by UCF (too much in tolls), Winter Park (the area we wanted was too expensive), Sanford (too far, but in our budget) so we stuck with Altamonte which is the perfect location since Ryan and I work on opposite sides of town.

Moving is always stressful, but we've done it so many times it's almost like second nature to us now :)
Current layout 

New layout (it's similar to our apartment in Palm Harbor)

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