Monday, August 18, 2014

Universal recap

Recently my friend Alicia moved to south Florida all the way from Scranton, PA! Since her moving down we had been planning to get together. Well, she came to Orlando Saturday so her, Ryan and myself hit up the parks. Even though it rained and was overcast most of the day we had a blast!

It was great catching up and remembering why we're friends. We had not seen each other since I moved back to FL 2 years ago. We'll be seeing each other in just a few weeks again!!

Total tourists

Finally a good fire breathing dragon pic

Cheers to being in Diagon Alley

It's so magical 

Beers on the Hogwarts Express :)

This one came out so good

After getting separated for a while we rewarded ourselves with adult beverages (stolen from Alicia) 
Of course we had to take a castle picture

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