Saturday, August 16, 2014

Shake shack in Central Florida

Shake Shack recently opened in Winter Park (right next to Trader Joe's!!!!!!) Ever since we first went in NYC in 2011 I've been hooked. We were going to the city and I asked a friend for some recommendations and this happened to be the closest one to the train station that we had to use. Ever since the first time we went we made it a tradition to go back before heading home to PA.

I've checked the website on and off waiting for one to open nearby, other than Miami there were none in Florida. I was trying to figure out how we could go to that one when we were traveling back from Key West a couple months ago, yes that's how much I wanted to go again.

It's funny how I head about the opening in WP. I had been to Trader Joe's not too long ago and didn't see any sign of a SS until I got a Snapchat from a friend and immediately googled where it was..... literally down the road from us! Needless to say I'm thrilled I don't have to wait until my next visit to NYC!

Found this on FB from Sep 2011 from our first visit in the city

Winter Park location

Menu of burgers, shakes and beer

Love the theme throughout the restaurant

No line! You'd never see a queue like this in NYC

Huge open floor plan

The light up ice cream cone is so cute

Pager for when your food is ready

Burgers burned in the tables

Burgers, fries and shakes

The location we've been to many times 

Peanut butter shake, my fav

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  1. omg I've heard such good things about this place, awesome that they opened one around here. I'll have to try it next time I'm in orlando!