Monday, August 11, 2014

West coast weekend

Over the weekend Ryan and I went to visit my parents on the other coast of Florida to celebrate my birthday a little early (hey, when you work all the time you take what weekends off you can get.) Saturday we went kayaking with my dad on very choppy water which was fun! Later on while in the water Ryan got stung by 2 jelly fish which cut our beach day short.

At night we went to dinner with my parents, aunt and cousin on the water. Afterwards we did cake and presents. Celebrating my birthday without my Grandma there this year was a little weird. I've gotten used to my Grandfather not being at special events, so it's going to be hard this holiday season without her there.

Overall it was a great and much needed relaxing weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the work week.

I'll be 26 on the 26th this year!!!

Many many presents 

One of my fav's

Ozona Blue
Dinner on the water

Tis the season for my favorite flavored beer

Sunny FL

Dunedin Causeway Beach

Ryan was taking too long to get the camera ready

Action shot of putting the paddle together

Clearwater Beach ahead. We kayaked to the island ahead

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  1. aw looks like you enjoyed your weekend back here :) happy early birthday!