Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Disney at Christmas time

Since we got our Disney annual passes for Christmas we hit up Hollywood Studios last week and Magic Kingdom yesterday. It was cool because all of their Christmas decorations were still up! Hollywood Studios was packed on New Years Eve, but we knew that going in, so we figured out the whole Fast Pass thing and got to ride some rides. All I wanted to see was the Osborne Lights at night so we stuck out the crowds and got to see it too.

Hollywood Studios tree

Hat picture 

Singing in the rain

DJ dance party on New Years Eve

They gave out hats and horns to celebrate

Dancing light show

Dancing light show

Dancing light show

Main Street USA

Castle pic

Dole Whip ice cream. So worth the wait

Pretty castle Cindy


  1. Yay! One day hopefully we can be there at the same day and meet up! haha. I missed out on the Osborne lights this year so I'm bummed about that! Did Hollywood Studios stay open until midnight?! That's so cute that they gave out hats and stuff.

  2. That would be awesome if we could meet up!!! Yes, they stayed open until midnight.