Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Great Smoky Mountains iphone recap

Last week Ryan and I went to the Great Smoky Mountains, Sevierville to be exact. We were with his family and family friends, 22 people in one huge cabin for 5 nights..... it was a blast!

We went horse back riding, hiking, saw a waterfall, white water rafting, explored the touristy things in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, road an alpine coaster, zip lined, shopped and went to Dolly Wood. It was a jam packed trip that's for sure. I took a ton of pictures on my phone, professional camera and underwater camera. These pictures are few a few from my phone.

I used to go to Gatlinburg every summer as a kid for family reunions up until middle school/high school. My Grandfather had a chalet and we'd always pack it full, kids slept on floors because we ran out of beds! It was fun being in the mountains again with a big group. It had been quite a few years since I was last there with my other Grandparents so there was a lot of new things to see.

If you ever need a location for a family vacation I highly recommend The Great Smoky Mountains! (I love it so much that I have a tattoo of the coordinates of my Grandfathers chalet!)

Abrahams Falls in Cades Cove

2.5 mile hike each way up and down a mountain, it was not the highlight of my trip

It rained most of the hike back to the car, trying to make the most of it on this tree branch crosswalk 

This is why they call it the "smoky mountains" it looks like their smoking but its the clouds. I just love the view of the mountains!!

Famous moonshine distillery 

Had to get the pumpkin butter

Ski lift in Gatlinburg

Great Smoky Mountain wheel (just like the Orlando Eye)

Beautiful 360 views of the mountains

The Island at Pigeon Forge had a shop that only sold french fries! 

Paula Deen has a restaurant and store at The Island at Pigeon Forge

Riding an alpine coaster at night was awesome! I screamed the whole way down

Getting my parents presents for watching the dogs

Dolly Wood has a special place in my heart for my cousins and I 

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