Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pumpkin coffee at Starbucks

BREAKING NEWS: Pumpkin everything is back at Starbucks!!!!!!

I've mentioned this before but, PSL's (pumpkin spice lattes) are expensive, so my favorite way to have a pumpkin drink at Starbucks is ordering an iced coffee with cream and pumpkin. Lattes have espresso in them,  I don't need that much caffeine so I stick with regular iced coffee. 

It's the same price as ordering an iced coffee with a special syrup (what I usually get anyways.) The pumpkin and cream are so delicious together that I think it's better than the PSL. Throughout the season I'll get one or two PSL's, but this iced coffee is my go-to fall drink for sure.... and cheaper!!!

Mixed perfectly 

It has an orange tint
All time favorite fall saying


  1. hmm I'll have to try that! I was definitely blown away by the price of the PSL I got the other day!

  2. I think the iced coffee with the pumpkin tastes better than the PSL :))