Friday, August 3, 2012

Four walls, a roof, a door, some windows

This week Ryan and I have been through a lot of up's and down's. We made another offer on a house on Monday and kept going back and fourth on the price with the seller. Last night we got an email from our realtor saying the seller accepted our offer!!!!!!!!!

It's been rough living at home, especially the last week. We've been trying so hard to get our own place but things don't happen over night, and I've accepted that. But after you've been living on your own for 6 years, you get married and then less than a year later you move back in with your parents it can get a little rough. So I'm really excited to get the ball rolling on our new house.

We have no idea when the closing date will be, the inspection will probably happen sometime early next week, then the bank has to process all of our papers and then I think we will get the keys. My parents said it will be at the end of the month, but I am determined that it will only be a couple weeks!

A little about the house: it is a 2/2 (one of the bathrooms is in the garage, our realtor said that's common for older houses. it's my least favorite part of the house.) It has new hardwood floors and fresh paint, so we really won't have to do too much in those areas. The master bedroom does not have it's own bath so we already have plans to knock down part of the closet and make it a door into the bathroom. The final price of the house is $16,000 under our budget so we feel really comfortable doing some renovating.The kitchen is outdated (compared to the rest of the house) so we are going to paint the cabinets so they match the rest of the updates that have recently been done.

I'm so ready to start painting, building and fixing things up! I'm ready to make where we live a home, not just a place we're temporary staying.

Our new house....if everything keeps going on the right track!

* I did not take any pictures when we were looking at the house, so this one came from our realtors website

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