Tuesday, August 28, 2012

House tour: part 1

I thought I'd show off the new place throughout multiple posts; mainly because there are still some rooms that we're not completely done organizing/decorating. I forget that we live in an apartment complex sometimes until I hear the person running a marathon above us, or until we walk out and there's people everywhere walking their dogs. It feels more like a hotel with all these amenities that we have. Also, having the bathroom sink separate from the shower makes it really feel like a hotel. It's all good because that alone has cut down on how long it takes us to get out the door.

The sink outside the shower.

I put all the necklaces and bracelets that I don't wear that often in a mason jar to show them off.

All my perfume is neatly displayed in a nice basket.

There's nothing special about this except that I found that basket at a thrift store for  9 cents. They should have just given it to me!

Our lovely king size bed.

As you can see we don't have that much extra space so we put the TV on top of a bookshelf  instead of a dresser.

I think Ryan needs more books. lol.

We are going to tackle the walk in closet this week. (we're still kinda sorta living out of suitcases and boxes) 

I've never had a room so bare before, but I kind of like the simplicity of it. 

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