Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween inspired

This year has flown by and it's already getting cooler out...haha yea right, maybe just a little less muggy in the mornings. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for so at the beginning of the month I started planning out what I wanted to do with our fireplace. I got inspiration from Pinterest of course (I don't know how people were creative before Pinterest. haha.) Anyways, my favorite thing is having this fireplace to decorate for holidays. It's a great place to display things because we don't have that much extra counter space to put holiday decorations on.

It didn't come with the black shelf, my dad put it up the day we moved in! It isn't that sturdy and should only hold what is on there right now, but that will be tested when it's Christmas! All of the decor, minus the pumpkins came from the dollar store or I already had them. I think we spent about $6? Their really stepping it up with the amount of holiday decorations they have.

My favorite fall decoration, subway art!

I'm not too sure of the weight limit on this shelf so I didn't put too much on it.

I filled the mason jars with coffee beans so when the candles are lit it makes the room smell good and added bows around the top.

We've got some blood clings on the window and a scary man on the storage room door.

Total Wine has the best selection for fall flavored drinks. You can mix and match, so we were in there for about an hour the other day just looking at everything they had to offer. (PS-Total Wine is the only place that has Woodchuck "fall" cider, at least around here.)

I know I post a lot of things that are pumpkin flavored, but I think I might seriously have a problem. This is just from 1 trip at Walmart and I saw some more pumpkin flavored things that I will be getting before the season is over for sure! Also, I've tried a lot of pumpkin coffee creamers and Baileys is my favorite so far.

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