Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guess what?

We're moving back to Orlando (Apopka to be exact) !!!!! If you're keeping track, this is our 5th move in a year and a half so I've got this packing thing down to a t now. Ryan got security analysis internship at Sea World and I will be working at Amway again! We are so excited to go back. It is where we went to school, where we met and where all of our friends are. 

We get the keys to our new place this weekend but will be there for good starting the 26th! We've been talking about moving back to Orlando since we moved back to Florida, so when the opportunity came for Ryan at Sea World we knew he had to take it. I over the moon excited!!!! Having lived there for over 5 years I consider it home and think of the Palm Harbor area as a place I visit to see my family. So as long as any jobs in the future don't move us around I'm pretty sure we will be staying in the Orlando area for good!!!!

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