Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall mantel 2

Recently I decorated my first fall mantel of the year. After buying some burlap I changed everything up rather quickly. It's funny how just a couple of changes makes such a big impact. I did get some inspiration from Pinterest though; hanging pine cones from the bottom of the mantel and wrapping burlap around the mason jars make if feel more like fall. I also put out some mini hay bales, they just look so cute!

Along with the sights of fall I also have added smells of the season too. It started with pumpkin latte air fresheners (one in each room of course.) Then the magical cinnamon broom was bought. This is a favorite of mine, it makes the entire apartment smell just wonderful. The good part, it lasts 3-4 weeks.

My inspirations:
I used black string instead of fishing wire

Love the rustic feel

My creations:

Wrapped some burlap around mason jars and added some much needed hay because every fall mantel needs hay right?

Hung pine cones from the bottom of the mantel using black string and tape

Fall mantel #2

Monogrammed pumpkin. This is actually fake, I had Ryan convinced that I painted it

Even the centerpiece on the coffee table looks more rustic

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