Friday, January 24, 2014

Three: apartment style

We got to sign our lease a little earlier than we would have liked, but now have 3 full weeks to transfer everything over into the new apartment which will be less stressful. We get the keys to our new place March 4th!! Since moving into an apartment about 100 sq feet less I've been pinning like crazy trying to organize everything out in my head on where we're going to put all of our crap.

1. Our new place doesn't have a fireplace :/ I am famous for my holiday mantels so I am now in search of a big mirror like this, this is perfect!!

2. Gold seems to be the new trend lately and everything I see on Pinterest is gold polka dots, they are so cute. I already have a blank canvas so when I get time I will make something like this.

3. We've found the shelving will solve a lot of our "where are we going to put this random thing" issue. I've already priced out different sized shelves like these at Ikea. I'm thinking over the couch like below and over the bed if I can't figure something else out for that space.

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