Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Yesterday Ryan and I got up early, picked up a U-Haul, packed, unpacked, decorated then bought a real Christmas tree then decorated some more. It took us a long 12 hours, but we got there. Along the way we had some disasters, but we got through them.

Our new apartment is was only a 6.1 mile drive away from the old, but in a much nicer area (that was the main reason for the move, the area!) It's also 602 sq feet, almost 200 sq feet smaller than the old location. It's weird though after we got all of our stuff situated it doesn't feel small at all, more compact. We got creative with storage space, that's fore sure.

I had 2 days off and these were the only 2 days I had to get this move done. Monday we spent the day packing and throwing away crap, 4 bags to the garbage and 3 to donate. We got 90% of our apartment moved over which is awesome. Crunched on time, starting a new job and Christmas being less than 10 days away I didn't want to drag out the process like usual.

This was the first time we rented a truck you drive. It worked out perfect because we got a big one so we only had to take 1 load over! After getting to the new place one of the first things I did was start laundry, we now have a washer and dryer!!!! (Before we had to take it somewhere and use quarters which was awful.) About 20 minutes of moving and the laundry going Ryan called me over, the washer had overflowed. Half of our bedroom was soaked and the entire bathroom had an inch of water. This was not the best way to start out in a new place. Maintenance came and figured out this issue, we got a new washer and it's very high tech (and bigger.)

Even though we've been here a day I'm already loving it more than any other apartment we've been in. This is the longest lease we've ever had, 14 months so I'm curious to see if we'll renew or not. Only time will tell.

*I also lost my key to the old apartment after moving, later to find it at Starbucks.

Living room, faux dining room and kitchen

Wet bar

Fancy kitchen

Washer and dryer in our room!!!!!!! (only requirement of our new apartment)

Best decision to rent this

New washer

Didn't take too long to unpack 

Even Barney was exhausted from the move

Christmas time at the Ruddy's

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