Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sea World at Christmas time

Last weekend after work I met up with Ryan and his family at Sea World for their Christmas celebration. I didn't know what to expect but lights, boy was I wrong. There was a bunch of Christmasy things to see like an ice skating show that was sinked to lights and fountains, it was really cool. We walked through a Christmas wonderland with lights, wreaths, trains and a camp fire where you could make a s'more. I had the peppermint hot chocolate which was delish!

There was a special edition Shamu Christmas show which wasn't anything special but it was cool to see it with holiday music. Overall it was a fun night and something different that you don't get to experience everyday. I don't think it's a must see holiday attraction, but if you're able to go, defiantly check it out!

Ice skating show over the water

Peppermint hot chocolate in a cute souvenir mug

Cute signs

Didn't get to ride the Polar Express, but the sign looked cool

At one of the many shows we saw

Campfire complete with s'more kits and live music

Snow and a palm tree.... only in FL

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