Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014 in pictures

I had 3 days off for Christmas so we went to my parents since we celebrated Thanksgiving with Ryan's family. We smoked a ham Tuesday night since it was supposed to rain Christmas Eve, it turned out great and was a hit during Christmas lunch! I made a million chocolate chip cookies, had a Pinterest fail, finished wrapping presents and cooked lunch for everyone Christmas day.

It was nice being able to continue our traditions without our grandparents this year. We still ate a huge lunch, opened presents and played White Elephant (which took almost 2 hours!) Ryan and I came out with a ton of gift cards, mainly Starbucks.

Even though we missed Ryan's family and my family in OH it was still a great Christmas :)

Snap Chatting with Ryan's family while smoking ham, his dad started this tradition 

Every one got this lovely gift this year

The madness of presents on Christmas Eve

Cookies for days

How Gizmo spent the holiday

Mine don't look like that picture.....FAIL (they taste good though)

White Elephant!!!!!!

Merry Christmas from the Ruddy's

Finally, Moose sheets. No kidding I've waited all my life for these

We're going to Disney! We are now annual pass holders :)

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